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The Pill Natty Beech - entwickelt von Terra Kendama

  • ultimatives Balance- und Jonglagespielzeug
  • Trickguide
  • Ersatzschnur
  • Sticker

Our great ‘dama friends, Terra Kendama from Canada has crafted this unique game.

It sprung from their love of Kendama and playing around with funky wood.
They managed to develope this different balancing toy filled with possibilities.
With this Pill as your daily medicine, you are bound to have a great day.

The Pill is especially suited for balancing tricks and, with the 50/50 weight distribution, endless space walks.
It is a great supplement to the kendama collection for everybody who is ready for new challenges.

Each Pills comes with a little trick guide, spare string, stickers and bead.

Wood: Beech
Size: Regular Pill
Available colors / styles: Orange, Purple, Beech Style 

Go directly to --> Youtube channel - Terra Kendama ...or take a look at this! - Youtube Video - The Pill - SF Sunsets