Respirator 6002PRO

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"3M Respirator Mask 6002PRO"

The 3M™ Paint Spray Mask 6002PRO is a reusable, lightweight half mask with double inhalation valve and large filters (to reduce breathing resistance) for paint application and sanding work in the commercial sector. It is low maintenance and has a bayonet click closure that allows effortless and efficient replacement of filters and cartridges.

The 3M™ Paint Spray Mask 6002PRO - for improved breathability when spraying paint, applying paint with a brush and roller, and sanding by hand or with an orbital sander. Our reusable, lightweight filter mask is suitable for commercial work and provides A2 protection from solvent-based paints, adhesives and cleaning agents and P3 protection from high levels of particulate matter and oil or water vapours. Breathing resistance is reduced by double inhalation valves and large filters, and the bayonet click closure allows particle filters or gas and vapour cartridges or combination cartridges to be replaced by simply and efficiently clicking them into place. The 6002PRO respirator is economical, easy to maintain and simple to use, compatible with 3M eye and hearing protection products and complies with European standards.

Included in the set:

1x respirator 6002M, 2x gas filter 6055 A2, 2x 5935 P3 R particle insert filter, 2x 501 filter cap.