PATHFINDER 4pc Lenker - 22,2mm

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wethepeople PATHFINDER Lenker black 4-teilig 29'' Ø 22.2mm - Felix Prangenberg Signature

Felix Prangenberg is always working closely with us to refine and update his own signature collection. The Pathfinder collection utilizes cutting edge and innovative technology - that goes hand in hand with Felix’s highly progressive style of riding. The Pathfinder 4pc Handlebar features an oval crosstube for improved strength and dent resistance, and is available in 3 rise options and both standard and 25.4mm OS (Oversize) tubing sizes to accommodate the growing demand for Oversize bars.

MATERIAL: full liquid post heat-treatment on 4130 “M2“ crmo
TUBING: plain gauge
• available with regular 22.2mm or oversize 25.4mm clamping area • large radius bends for extra strength • large OD ovalized crossbar for dent resistance and strength • available in three rise options
WEIGHT: 9.6" - 22.2mm: 1084g (38.4oz : 2.39lbs)
COLORS: black