Lug-Kage Fork Rack

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The Passport Lug-Kage is a lightweight variation on a front fork carrier. Enabling you to maximise how much luggage you can fit at the front of your bike.

It allows you to “Lug” such extra items as: a sleeping bag, an Airbed, a large tarpaulin roll, or a Thermos flask etc. on your gravel or adventure bike. It also means you can then use your main frame triangle to fit a frame bag to hold all your heavier items ensuring you bike is more balanced while riding.


  • Includes 2 adjustable Velcro straps
  • Available in two colours, silver or black
  • Designed to fit forks with the dedicated three bolt mounting lugs included only
  • 3kg weight limit per cage
  • Best used in pairs for even weight distribution gave the Lug-Kage an amazing 9/10 saying "IF YOU'VE GOT THE MOUNTS, LET YOUR FORKS TAKE THE LOAD!" read the full review here

Caution: Do not feed the straps in such a way that they will pull the alloy arms of the cage together. (The arms are not designed to flex by any significant amount). 


  • Mounting Options 3 bolt mounting lugs, Cage has 3 x 10mm slots with 65mm centres
  • Material Anodised, tig-welded aluminium