GOLD 400ml - Fluorescent Colors - ACTIVE CYAN

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"Montana GOLD 400ml - Fluorescent Colors"
Lacquer Base: NC-Acrylic
Gloss Level: Semi Gloss
Valve System: Low-Pressure
Color Shades: 8
Content: 400ml

Montana GOLD spray paint is renowned for its brilliant Fluorescent color range that not only radiate by day but also glow warmly in darkness under UV light. With the range now spanning 8 exciting colors, the F6200 Active Cyan is the newest member of the assortment with its high covering aqua-like appeal which adds a whole new dimension to the fluorescent color spectrum. Not forgetting the unique color Disco White F9100, which is a neutral white in daylight and glow in the dark under UV light. Easy and clean application is achieved thanks to the much-loved low-pressure valve system as with the whole Montana GOLD range. Highest quality made in Germany!

FLUORESCENT colors: Famous for being able to glow under UV light. This is no exception with the Montana GOLD Fluorescent range. For best results we recommend fluorescent colors to be applied to pre-primed, dry white surfaces (e.g. Shock White i.e.). This will increase luminosity and improve coverage. Applying Montana GOLD clear coats will offer greater UV protection however may hinder the fluorescent effect slightly. In general fluorescent colors are less lightfast and not resistant to the elements. They are not abrasion proof like other Montana GOLD color shades.

Instructions for use: For best results, it is recommended that Disco White is applied in thin multiple layers to achieve the highest possible glow effect. To give your project more durability and longevity, apply Montana Varnish in Gloss, Semi Gloss and Matt once the Disco White has completely dried and cured (24 hours). Please note the application of a Montana Varnish will protect and offer greater UV resistance to your project however may result in a slight decrease in brightness of the color under UV light. The best luminosity for fluorescent colors is achieved when applied on to a white undercoated substrate such as Montana GOLD Shock White S9100. Due to their synthetic non-natural orientations, fluorescent colors in general do not have the same opacity, light fastness and longevity as normal high pigmented colors. Shake Well!

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about Montana Fluorescent colors

Are GOLD Fluorescent colors like any other Montana GOLD colors?
NO! Fluorescent color pigments do not exist in nature. As such, all are man-made, synthetic pigments that are not able to withstand exposure to the elements like normal colors. This may lead to less durability, faster fading or discoloration. This is the case with any fluorescent color regardless of if in a tube, spray can or other.

Are GOLD Fluorescent colors as light fast as the other colors? Can I protect them?
Fluorescent colors fade faster then other colors during UV exposure. Montana Cans uses UV blockers in our paints to increase their lightfastness and longevity. It is also possible to apply a Montana Varnish over the cured Fluorescent color to protect it even further. Our varnishes also have UV filtering characteristics to protect what they are coating.

Are GOLD Fluoresent colors as opaque as other colors?
No. Fluorescent colors are not as opaque as colors with a natural pigment origin. As such we recommend multiple coats on white or light base colors for best results.

Can I use Montana GOLD Fluorescent colors like any other Montana GOLD?
Yes. Once cured, Montana GOLD Fluorosecent colors are intermixable and can be handled, painted over or re-coated with any other Montana GOLD.

Why do Montana GOLD Fluorescent colors cost more?
Due to no Fluorescent colors existing in nature, it is not easy to create quality Fluorescent colors. As such more expensive raw materials and manufacturing processes are required to create the high quality Flourescent pigments Montana Cans uses.

Do GOLD Fluorescent colors have the same finish as other Montana GOLD colors?
Fluorescent colors have a slightly different finish compared to other Montana GOLD colors. Usually they are a little more matte, subject to the gloss levels that already existed on the substrate they have been applied to.

How do I get the brightest result?
For best results, it is suggested to apply Fluoroescent colors onto substrates that are non porous and coated white before application. Having a white base enables the most amount of light to reflect through the color, resulting in a brighter Fluorescent effect. The more coats applied, the brighter and more long lasting the effect.

Will my Fluorescent colors glow in the dark?
The Montana GOLD Fluorescent colors will glow under UV light. The more coats applied, the greater the effect. For best results, we suggest a dark room or space.  Eliminate or decrease the amount of ambient light in the room to increase the glowing effec

Will my Fluorescent colors glow in daylight?
No. UV light is required fort he glow in the dar effect. Should you want your paint to glow without UV light, you need to purchase the Montana NIGHTGLOW.